Field of Glory - Lost Scrolls

Platforms:  Book
Genre:  Miniatures Gaming
Setting:  Ancient & Medieval
Rel Date:  20/01/2010
Langs:  English

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The Ancient & Medieval World at War

Lost Scrolls, the 13th and final Field of Glory Companion presents some of the armies most often requested by members of the Field of Glory community. From Beja and Tuareg hordes to Vietnamese and German City League armies, there is something for everyone to be found in Lost Scrolls. This volume also includes Seven Hills, a mini-theme for Field of Glory campaigns, covering Etruscans, Samnites, Horatius at the bridge and all the armies and enemies of the early Roman Republic.
Lost Scrolls: The Ancient and Medieval World at War ARMY LISTS
Early Republican Roman
Early Republican Roman Allies
Etruscan League
Etruscan Allies
Umbrian Allies
Italian Hill Tribes
Italian Hill Tribe Allies
Latin Allies
Samnite Allies
Campanian Allies
Apulian, Lucanian or Bruttian
Apulian, Lucanian or Bruttian Allies
Early Nomad
Early Nomad Allies
Early Highland Raiders
Early Highland Raider Allies
Early Elamite
Early Elamite Allies
Amorite Kingdoms
Amorite Kingdoms Allies
Vietnamese Allies
Pre-Islamic Arabian
Pre-Islamic Arabian Allies
Later Pre-Islamic Bedouin
Later Pre-Islamic Bedouin Allies
Meroitic Allies
Beja, Nile Valley Blemmye or Early Nobatae
Beja Allies
Tuareg Allies
Medieval German City Leagues
Medieval German City League Allies
Later Medieval Feudal German
Later Medieval Feudal German Allies 
Later Medieval Danish Allies
Later Medieval Frisian or Dithmarschen
Later Medieval Frisian or Dithmarschen allies

Written by: Richard Bodley Scott assisted by Nik Gaukroger, James Hamilton, Paul Robinson, Richard Young, David Cáceres Gallardo, Karsten Loh, Rudy Nelson, Graham Briggs and Matt Haywood
Cover Artist: Peter Dennis

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