HISTORY Ice Road Truckers

Platforms:  iPhone, PSPGo
Genre:  Racing
Setting:  Modern Real World
Rel Date:  30/05/2009
Langs:  English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español

$ 3.99
Including VAT
Platform:  iPhone & iPod Touch
Complexity:  Easy
Players:  1
Min Spec:  iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
requires iOS v.4.3 or later
Multiplayer:  N/A
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Ice Road Truckers is a classic story of adventure, perseverance, human ingenuity and, most importantly, danger. Every day the truckers are taking their lives into their hands. One miscalculation of the road, bad weather or an unseen road hazard can mean the difference between life and death. No matter who the driver is, taking frozen roads north of the Arctic Circle is a unique and harrowing experience and even the most seasoned truckers will find themselves challenged by polar conditions, isolation and the lack of creature comforts.Take command of these huge 18-wheelers on your iPhone or iPod Touch and drive your way across ice roads. In this official game from the award-winning TV series from HISTORY™ you will haul your load to its destination, drive some of the most powerful trucks on earth and become the number one Ice Trucker!
Stay on the road, avoid obstacles, and reach the destination before time runs out. Quicker times earn you more money, but if you’re late you won’t advance !!


5 trucks, with unique characteristics. Unlock trucks by winning awards

5 different cameras different surfaces with different traction

15 ice roads to master. Unlock roads by earning cash

Thin breakable ice area – beware!

Forking roads

Race against the clock to deliver your loads

Avoid other trucks and hazards on the road

Set records in the hall of fame

Even your glass steams up when the action gets intense!



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