THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of Rome

Platforms:  PC, PS2, PSP
Genre:  RPG / RTS
Setting:  Ancient
Rel Date:  14/06/2007
Langs:  English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español
The product is not available
Platform:  PlayStation Portable ™
Complexity:  Easy
Players:  1
Min Spec:  Sony PSP� or PSPGo
Memory Stick with minimum 256Kb free
Wireless Compatible for 2 players (Ad-Hoc mode)
Multiplayer:  PSP
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THE HISTORY CHANNEL® Great Battles of Rome is role-playing and real time strategy gaming blended with top quality TV footage from The History Channel® to create a truly immersive game. The game starts from the formation of Rome and runs through to the crowning of August and lets you fight every great battle of Rome along the way! Your men travel with you on this journey and we treat each squad like a character in a role-playing game as you can customize their skills and appearance.

Also available on PS2 and PC.

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NOTE : You must have Media Go installed to purchase the digital version on PSP. Alternatively you can purchase via the PSN store. 
Developed simultaneously for Playstation2, PSP and PC, the game highlights 14 Roman Campaigns and more than 100 of the most significant battles of the Roman Empire.
Includes 10 Celtic campaigns from the barbarians perspective.
50 minutes of captivating program footage from The History Channel®.
Unique soundtrack and voice talents narrate the story of Marcus Aurelius.
3 difficulty levels.
Game controls allow command of up to 20 squads simultaneously.
More than 20 troop types.
Customizable troops and battle conditions.
Incorporating special visual effects and advanced levels of detail including night battles.
Realistic battlefield conditions and terrain effect the underlying complex battle engine.
The first and only grand battle game available for console!Command more than 20 unique units including Legionaries, War Elephants, Praetorians, Noble Cavalry, Fanatics and many more.Epic historic battles fought out in real time.Battle over snow capped capped peaks, blistering deserts, great forests, plush farmland and water logged marshes.
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