Heroes of Normandie

Platforms:  iPad, PC
Genre:  Turn Based Strategy
Setting:  World War 2
Rel Date:  30/09/2015
Langs:  English, Français, Deutsch
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[28 Apr 2016] The Heroes of Normandie Action Cards are arriving on the 4th of May!

Heroes of Normandie gets a major free update with the addition of the Action Cards. These cards significantly alter the gameplay and add a new layer of depth to the game. There will be 29 cards for Germany and 32 for the US, all of them tested and balanced through months of beta testing! They are accompanied by a patch including many bug-fixes, balance changes and five new multiplayer missions....
Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  Turn Based Strategy
Setting:  Feudal Japan
Rel Date:  TBD
Langs:  English, Deutsch, Español
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[27 Apr 2016] Sengoku Jidai Japanese Factions preview!

Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun offers the opportunity to lead armies from very diverse regions and countries: Japan, Korea, China, Manchuria and Mongolia. We’ll cover each region in weekly previews, describing the available army lists, talking about their evolution and the weapons and tactics they employ.   Japan and its clans   Japan in the 16th century...
Order of Battle: Winter War

Platforms:  PC, Mac
Genre:  Strategy
Setting:  World War II
Rel Date:  TBD
Langs:  English, Français, Deutsch, Español
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[27 Apr 2016] Order of Battle: Winter War beta announced!

Order of Battle moves to the frozen lands of Finland! Winter War Beta announced! “The wolves will eat well this winter” – Anonymous Finnish officer, during a battle in the area of Suomussalmi Only a few years have passed since Finland gained its independence in 1917 and the events of the following Civil War have led to a country that is recovering from fresh wounds. Bu...
Polaris Sector

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  4X, Grand Strategy
Setting:  Sci-Fi
Rel Date:  21/03/2016
Langs:  English, Español, Russian
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[26 Apr 2016] Polaris Sector: the meme generator!

Polaris Sector is a game about ruthless interstellar politics and warfare. Many races are scheming and quarreling in their bids for galactic domination. They negotiate, make deals, and sometimes come to open conflict. They hate, fear, love (well, not often), just like in the real world. Their emissaries and ambassadors are very expressive; they probably wouldn’t be good poker players, but...
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