Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager

Platforms:  PC, Mac, iPad, Android
Genre:  Management Simulation
Setting:  Space
Rel Date:  07/12/2014
Langs:  English, Français, Deutsch
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[27 Feb 2015] Help charity and go to the moon!

Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager is going on sale on the Humble Store! For three days - from Friday, Feb. 27 CET 7PM/EST 1PM to Monday, March 2 CET 7PM/EST 1PM – you can get the game for only $17.99. Don't miss this opportunity and win the space to race! Check it out here (link available after 7PM) to jump to the promo, or check out the official product page! 10% ...

Platforms:  PC, iPad
Genre:  Turn-Based Tactical
Setting:  Fantasy, Medieval
Rel Date:  12/11/2014
Langs:  English, Français, Deutsch
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[26 Feb 2015] Hell iPad is released!

“The path to paradise begins in hell”(Dante Alighieri – Italian poet) The angelic and peaceful kingdom of Gilrand is in great danger. Led by Lord Devil in person, merciless demons are raiding the defenseless Human world. To repel such a despicable attack, humanity can only rely on an holy and mysterious order of fearless knights, priests, and wizards known as “The Or...
Vietnam '65

Platforms:  PC, iPad
Genre:  Turn Based Strategy
Setting:  Vietnam
Rel Date:  04/03/2015
Langs:  English
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[25 Feb 2015] War spreads out!

Enjoying a game that captures the challenges of counter-insurgency operations and the character of the Vietnam War better than any title I can think of”. Rock, Paper, Shotgun March 2014  Good News for all ‘Nam fans! Vietnam '65 will also be available through Steam and the product page is now live. While you are waiting and preparing your ammo and equipment, chec...
Close Combat Gateway to Caen

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  Real-time pausable
Setting:  World War II
Rel Date:  05/06/2014
Langs:  English
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[25 Feb 2015] The Battle for Caen is today!

Join us as we fight in Normandy with Close Combat: Gateway to Caen! Follow us on the battleground at 8 pm CET/ 2pm EST With Close Combat: Gateway to Caen you can play at the strategic and tactical level, putting yourself in the boots of both the generals and the platoon commanders. You can move or combine your battle groups on the strategic level and decide the outcome of battles on th...
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